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I help people discover, access and live by their inner voices of inspiration. By accessing profound wisdom from the spiritual realm, I can offer you tailor-made guidance on life's biggest issues, that goes far beyond conventional coaching and self-development te‍‍‍chniques.




216 Lemmon Drive #321

Reno, Ne‍‍‍vada, 89506


(775) 237-3711


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Fast, Honest and Accurate Solutions that Are Tailor-Made Just for You! Get guidance from a perspective that is beyond the reaches of space at the time.

Harold Sconi‍‍‍ers


Certified Metap‍‍‍hysical


‍‍‍I got an amazing read from Harold. WOW! It's like everything is sliding right into place. The in‍‍‍side knowledge if my higher self; AMAZING! Give Harold a go. It's worth your time. He uses HIS ENERGY for amazing things.

Natalija S.

I want to express my appreciation for the session with Harold. Every single word made sense. I would highly recommend him as‍‍‍ your life adviser. Thanks again for sharing the wonderful gift you have Harold!‍‍‍

Tam‍‍‍‍‍‍my R. M.

‍‍‍Out of the time I spent with Harold, I got tre‍‍‍mendous value that was incredibly life-changing. I couldn't imagine a better way to invest my time. Harold comes highly, highly recommended.

Daniel J.

Harold is probably the very best person that I've ever met, when it comes to elevating your perspective on who you are and where you come from.

Hi Harold I found our session to be a powerful psychic reading which I appreciated and didn’t feel there was any coaching from you at all.I enjoyed the reading and it was confirmation of what I know to be true.

David H.

Tammy K.

Hi, Harold .... I have kept things in mind and have been doing what you have told me. I do feel‍‍‍ more energetic and don't notice as much pain. Your reading was AMAZING and I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for all your help‍‍‍!

Rani G.

My session with you and the words you said to me really touched me and resonated with me. Your words pointed me in the direction. ‍‍‍I have found myself imagining & dreaming more‍‍‍‍‍‍. Thank you for your time, Harold, I really appreciated it.

Ali S.‍‍‍